Alone in the Dark: game can be completed in 15 hours, more

Alone in the Dark from Atari - Image 1 Atari held an event for its upcoming video game title, Alone in the Dark (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC), at Hampstead, London, and as one would expect, oodles of information and videos were let out and shown to the lucky audience. Want to know what they found out? Check it out at the full article.

Alone in the Dark from Atari - Image 1

If you’ve been following the recent events surrounding Atari‘s upcoming action adventure video game Alone in the Dark (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC), then you’d know that Atari recently held an Alone in the Dark event at the Everyman Cinema Club at Hampstead, London. Oodles of information and eye candy were given and shown and of course, we’re sharing it with you.

Phil Harrison opened the event as he’s involved in Alone in the Dark‘s development on the Xbox 360. He was followed by producer Nour Polloni, who did the bulk of the presentation. As reported by videogaming247, the presentation included snippets of cutscenes, cinematics, story narration, importance of fire in the game, new character Sara, use of objects, and Central Park, among other things.

First off, it was indicated that the basic plot of Alone in the Dark centers on a stone and a guy who knows how to use it. The story is told in episodes, which you can skip if you get stuck somewhere, but you’ll need to complete a certain amount of content before you can finish the game.

According to Polloni, fire will be playing a vital role in the game and it will be “simulated.” Fire will also be casting light, will look realistic, and can be made through interaction. Of course, fire will cause a lot of smoke, falling debris from burning buildings, and more fire.

The ability to switch between first and third person modes were also shown, along with the interaction with objects part where you can use certain items you pick up to create something useful (read: think MacGyver).

Plus, the inventory system will have you looking at the items you collected that you placed in your character’s coat and belt. Lots of other things were shown at the event, including Central Park, Sara, the “DVD chapter select menu,” and vehicles.

After the presentation, Pollock answered a few questions from the audience and it was revealed that Alone in the Dark can be completed in 15 hours if you don’t have OCD and it would take twice as long if you’re a completist.

If you want more info, you can check out the via link below. We’ll bring you more info and goodies about Alone in the Dark as soon as they become available so stay tuned.

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