Amazon Customer Vote: vote which console gets BIG discount

Amazon logo - Image 1It’s time for the Amazon Customer Vote once again, and for the first round online shoppers get to vote which console should enjoy a whopping discount. Will it be the Nintendo Wii for only US$ 79? Xbox 360 for only US$ 99? We’re sold, but only the winning deal will be offered only to those who voted for the winning console. Read on to find out more!

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Looking for a good deal? Check this out: Amazon already started their Amazon Customer Vote for this year, kicking off with the video game round that will pit – which else? – the three major gaming consoles, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 (40GB), and a Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade SKU. Here are the mind-blowing prices that online shoppers can vote for:

Nintendo Wii – US$ 79
Sony PlayStation 3 (40GB) – US$ 139
Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade – US$ 99

Yes, we do agree that the prices above are sweeter than candy. However, a caveat: online shoppers will have to vote which console gets the ridiculous discount. The winning offer will be offered to randomly selected 1,000 voters who voted for the winning console.

Want to take chances? Hit the Via link to start voting in Amazon now!

Via Amazon Customers Vote’s Blog

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