An arm and a leg: Wal-Mart Wii for US$ 677

Wal-Mart - Image 1Everyone wants a Wii. Unfortunately, not everyone will get one. At least not this holiday. With all the mad rush going on due to the lack of Wii supplies, retailers have polished their prey-like business skills and have come up with an ingenious plan of making the most out of the situation. Wal-Mart in particular has been reported to require you to buy seven games along with the Wii console, all for the whopping price of US$ 677. Required, not offered. There’s a diff. Read more in the full article.

Wal-Mart's Wii bundle - Image 1One man’s trash is definitely another’s treasure. Trash: the fact that consumers won’t be getting sufficient supply of the Wii console this coming holidays. Treasure: retailers are taking advantage of the unceasing demand by pricing the Wii gold. Cause hey, we’d kill for a Wii, won’t we?

Over at Wal-Mart (which they claim to have “Always low prices. Always.“), they have thought up of an ingenious sales plan: requiring consumers to buy seven games along with the console unit itself for the price of US$ 677. The operative term here would be require. It is not an offer, it is not a promo. It is not an option. It is required.

If you still haven’t filtered that one out yet, it means it’s either you part with your cash for a Wii and seven games (which isn’t really all that bad, except that you’re compelled to get them all at the same time), or you get nothing at all. Never mind if you want to buy only one particular title, you have to get seven.

Hmmm… maybe then you can get seven copies of the game you like and, you know, hang it as some kind of trophy in your den or something. Or give it away to friends. Oh, but we do warn you, and you better take heed. With Nintendo not seeming to budge on the lack of supply, we expect this mad rush for the Wii to continue on until next year.

We want our Wiis, Ninty!

Via Yahoo!Tech

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