Analyst prediction: Xbox 360 Christmas sales double PS3’s

Analyst predicts Xbox 360 sales to double that of PS3 - Image 1Analyst Jessie Divnich predicts that come this Christmas, Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 will outsell Sony‘s PlayStation 3 by a factor of two-to-one. Not that the PS3 isn’t going to be selling plenty – Divnich forecasted sales in the 1 million range.

The Wii was further predicted to make quite a tidy sum for the holidays, as was the PS3’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. More details on Divnich’s predictions are available in the full article.

Analyst predicts 360 Christmas sales double that of PS3 - Image 1According to a recent report by simExchange analyst Jessie Divnich, the Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox 360 are predicted to sell in the millions by the end of this year’s holidays.

Going into specifics, Divnich predicted that the 360 sales would number roughly 2 million unit, followed by the PS3 at 1 millions units. The Wii sales were predicted to hit 3.28 million units worldwide, with the DS following along at 2.86 million.

Moving on, Divnich’s forecast also delved a bit into related software (i.e. games). The analyst predicted that come this December, the PS3’s Uncharted: DrakeÂ’s Fortune (by Naughty Dog) would be achieving a total of 286,000 sales. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed was also predicted to make a killing, at 1.84 million sales for the Xbox 360, and 1.38 million sales for the PS3 port. This, Divnich reported, despite the game receiving somewhat lower than expected reviews from critics.

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