Apple experiences iPhone 3G shortage, will launch iPhone 3G to 20 other countries in August

iPhone Apple - Image 1After a very successful launch, it’s no surprise that Apple is experiencing a shortage of it’s ever-popular Apple iPhone 3G. But consumers hungry for their slice of Apple iPhone 3G pie won’t have to wait for too long – Apple is currently working on fixing the shortage. The world will also see the sought-after iPhone 3G units launched in 20 other countries next month. More details in the full article.

Apple iPhone 3G - Image 1 

The new iPhone 3G handsets were greedily snapped up by the consumers that Apple soon found itself having a hard time keeping up with the demand – so hard, they’re currently experiencing a shortage. But do not worry: according to Apple’s conference call discussing its Q3 2008 financial results, Apple has taken measures to make sure that the demand is fulfilled as soon as possible.

Here’s another good news, for those who live in those countries who weren’t included in the iPhone 3G list: the same conference call has revealed that the iPhone will be rolled out to 20 other countries on August 22nd, spreading more iPhone 3G love around the world.

Although Apple hasn’t specified which of the 48 remaining countries slated to get the iPhone 3G will get the sought-after handsets on August 22, they have stated that the rest of the countries will get their share in the “coming weeks, and months.” Hopefully, the wait will be shorter for the rest of the world hungry for their slice of the Apple iPhone 3G pie.

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