AQ financial report: eight new games for U.S. this fiscal year

AQ Interactive reveals new titles for U.S. - Image 1 AQ Interactive‘s most recent financial report has shed some light on the company’s upcoming games. For this fiscal year, three DS titles (one of which is Blue Dragon Plus), an unnamed Wii title, and four portable games from Xseed are slated to hit North America. More in the full article.

Blue Dragon Plus - Image 1AQ Interactive has confirmed a total of eight new games set for a U.S. release this fiscal year in the company’s most recent financial report.

Of the eight, three were named: Korg DS-10, Away: Shuffle Dungeon, and Blue Dragon Plus – all of which are for the Nintendo DS. There’s also an unnamed Wii title as well as four third-party portable games from AQ subsidiary Xseed.

We got news of Xseed bringing Marvelous Interactive‘s Valhalla Knights 2 to the U.S. earlier this month, so that title may be one of the four Xseed games. On a personal note, I’m hoping for Xseed to bring Anato wo Yurusanai to North America as well.

Aside from the eight titles for the U.S., AQ’s financial report also revealed twelve new games for Japan. The list included another unnamed Wii game, three new DS titles, two PS2 games, and a PS3 version of Vampire Rain. No word yet on Vampire Rain: Altered Species, though.

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