Armored Core 4A: For Answer trailer reveals awesome, Japan release date

Armored Core 4A: For Answer - Image 1Many were left unsatisfied after From Software didn’t offer anything groundbreaking in Armored Core 4, but naysayers would have a field day pretending not to be impressed after they see the latest trailer of Armored Core 4A: For Answer (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3). You can check it out yourself at the full article.

Mecha fan or not, you’ll have a hard time trying to deny that this first Armored Core 4A: For Answer (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) trailer is impressive. From Software is dishing out another of those AC spin-offs similar to various iterations of Armored Core 3, and the latest one looks next-gen hot. Topnotch CG scenes, jaw-dropping gameplay footage, and its March 19 release date has surfaced via the game’s first video.

AC4A: For Answer producer Toshifumi Nabeshime previously explained that they’ll be adding enormous mobile forts called the “Arms Fort” to improve on what Armored Core 4 started with. You’ll see the new foes in the trailer, along with insane mech action involving an AC trying to put up a fight against giants with overwhelming firepower.

We’re talking about Armored Core here, so there are doubts over how it’ll be like to fly to those Arms Forts with mechanics we’ve been used to, but if it’s true that From Software will simplify controls, Armored Core 4A could very well be on par with Hideo Kojima‘s highly acclaimed Zone of the Enders 2 : The Second Runner. Before we get too excited though, we’ll just leave you with the trailer embedded below.

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