Assault Mission v0.2: still no shooting, but a lot of upgrades

Assault Mission v0.2 - Image 1 Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer DimensionT has recently released a new version of his top-down shooter game, Assault Mission, and while it doesn’t give us the ability to shoot down enemy aircraft yet, it’s a good preview of things to come. With a pre-rendered 3D intro, an autosave feature and in-game dialogue, it’s definitely worth looking into – not to mention that enemy aircraft are already present.

Download: Assault Mission v0.2

Assault Mission v0.2 - Image 1 

It’s been a while since we last heard about Assault Mission, DimensionT‘s homebrew game for the Sony PlayStation Portable that’s all about flying and shooting. Of course, the first iteration of the game itself didn’t have much shooting – in fact, it had none at all – and while this latest version may not have that element still, it does have a lot of new content.

So, what’s new with this updated version? Here’s an excerpt from the release thread itself:

  • Pre-rendered 3D intro with some classy music .
  • Simple auto-save feature (you’ll only have to watch the intro once).
  • Collusion detection and enemy spawning.
  • In game dialog.
  • Fully functional “Title” and “Pause” menus (aside from the “Options” on the title screen).
  • Spiffy EBOOT graphics with perfectly looping AT3.
  • Credit screen at the end of the demo, along with thanks.

A pre-rendered 3D intro, auto-save features and enemies? That’s pretty much just a step closer to from fine portable shoot-em-up action. And while we won’t be able to shoot the bogeys down, DimensionT says that to beat the game, we have to avoid all enemy aircraft. Dodging will have to do, then.

Download: Assault Mission v0.2

Via DCEmu

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