Astro Ranch to lasso on iPhone, DS, N-Gage

Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 1Get equal parts of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and a generous dose of ’50s sci-fi movies, and you get the makings of Astro Ranch. Primarily marketed for the iPhone, the game is also set to come out on the DS and N-Gage platforms. Screens and more details in the full article.

Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 1

Astro Ranch
is set to be released some time next year for the iPhone, with accompanying versions for the Nintendo DS and Nokia N-Gage to follow. But what is it, really? Take equal parts Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and add a hefty dose of, say, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Developed by Tag Games, Astro Ranch will have you playing a space explorer named Sindy Starlight who’s starting up her intergalactic ranch. The concept is simple, but other mini-games and touches of fancy are thrown in. More so, there’s going to be some interconnectivity going on that will allow you to interact with other friends playing the game, and even trade some in-game items with them.

Check out the screens below to see what it’ll look like on the iPhone. If you want to hear more about Astro Ranch, you can read up on a full interview with one of the games designers through the Via link below.

Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 1Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 2Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 3Astro Ranch - iPhone, DS, N-Gage - Image 4

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