Atari hires new CEO Jim Wilson of Sony, Vivendi

Atari - Image 1Under threat of delisting from NASDAQ yet again, Atari is still determined to keep its pulse beating by hiring a new CEO to guide their way. Jim Wilson, formerly of Sony BMG and Vivendi, is now at the pilot seat of the once-legendary brand of gaming. More details after the jump.

Atari - Image 1 

Atari may be in the midst of delisting from NASDAQ again but you have to tip your hat to them as they try to keep their name alive. In an effort to rebuild strongly, Atari has announced the hiring of Jim Wilson as their newest Chief Executive Officer and President.

Wilson's CEO experience covers fifteen years of executive management for Vivendi Universal and Sony Wonder/Sony BMG. Among the highlights of his career are his management contributions for Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, The Hulk, The Thing and The Chronicles of Riddick.

It remains to be seen what Wilson's moves will be to help revive the once-glorious Atari brand. It is widely known that they are in constant communication with Phil Harrison's Infogrames for a possible merger. Updates here at QJ.NET as we get them.

Via Gamedaily

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