Atari posts US$ 11.9 million Q1 loss

Atari - Image 1 Atari has reported a loss of US$ 11.9 million in it Q1 financial report. These losses are up by more than 50 percent compared to the company’s financial reports for the year-earlier period. With Atari in danger of losing the license to one of its key franchises, things are looking bleak for the Infogrames-owned company. A recovery plan is in the works, though, which started last month with a restructuring of the company’s board of directors.

Atari - Image 1Things are looking bad for Atari. The company has reported a loss of US$ 11.9 million in its delayed Q1 financial report. Atari’s losses have gone up more than 50 percent in the year-earlier period, when the company reported a net loss of US$ 7.3 million.

In July, NASDAQ also informed Atari that its stock was subject to delisting due to non-compliance with its periodic reporting obligations. Atari anticipates that this week’s filing of its Form Q-10 will bring the company’s records with NASDAQ current.

The company is still in dire straits, though. FUNimation has recently served the company with a notice to terminate its Dragon Ball Z license. Last month, Infogrames CEO Patrick Leleu gave five members of Atari’s board of directors the boot as part of the recovery plan for Atari.

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