Atlus announces Drone Tactics for the DS

Atlus announces Drone Tactics for the DS - Image 1 Fill the shoes of young children Yamato and Tsubasa as they fight alongside the mecha-insectoids called Drones against the threat of the Black Swarm in Altus’ upcoming game for the Nintendo DS, Drone Tactics. More details about the game after the jump.

Atlus announces Drone Tactics for the DS - Image 1Bugs takes center stage as robotic creatures intent on saving their world from their deadly, mechanized counterparts hellbent on wreaking wide-spread panic in Japanese developer and publisher Atlus‘s latest offering for the turn-based strategy game genre: Drone Tactics (Nintendo DS).

In Drone Tactics, players take part in the exploits of Yamato and Tsubasa, who become the human allies of the the aforementioned mechanized insects. The mecha insects are called Drones that fight to protect their world of Cimexus against the threat of the Black Swarm.

Fight alongside the Drones by creating your own army while choosing from a vast array of weaponry, upgrades and power-ups to pick from to lead your campaign to victory in dozens of possible operations that await you. Drone Tactics even comes with a wireless feature to enable you to play with your friends to further elevate your skill and prowess.

Are you up for it? Drone Tactics is slated for release come March next year.

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