Audiosurf full game and demo now available on Steam

Audiosurf Dylan Fitterer - Image 1If you like plowing through rhythm games, then you may want to check out Dylan Fitterer‘s Audiosurf, now available through Steam. The GDC 2008 Excellence in Audio award nominee will not only let you play along with the music, but will also let you choose a song from your own collection as well. Details await in the full article.

Audiosurf Dylan Fitterer - Image 1Audiophiles rejoice: Game Developers Conference 2008 Excellence in Audio award nominee Audiosurf by Dylan Fitterer is finally available on Steam. Steam is currently hosting both the full game, which costs US$ 9.95, and the demo.

In case you haven’t heard about Audiosurf yet, it’s a puzzle racer that lets gamers choose any song of their choice and “surf” along the music while clustering blocks of the same color along the highway

What’s remarkable about Audiosurf is that the pacing of the game as well as its mood is affected by the song that you choose, be it fast-paced, upbeat, or slow. Also, the Steamworks version of Audiosurf includes The Orange Box soundtrack…which means that gamers can play through Portal‘s quirky theme, Still Alive.

Audiosurf can play music in any of the following formats: MP3, iTunes M4A, WMA, CD, and OGG files. To further enhance gaming experience, online scoreboards will also be available for every song that is played through Audiosurf, and progress can be tracked as Steam Achievements as well. Not a bad way of appreciating your music, yes?

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