Audiosurf updated on Steam

Audiosurf gets updated - Image 1Heads up, folks! We’ve just gotten word that there’s an update for Audiosurf over on Steam. While the update is relatively minor, the update looks to be an important one, especially if you love playing the game. More on this after the jump!

Audiosurf updated - Image 1If you’ve got Steam on right now, then you may want to restart it. We’ve just gotten word of a new update for Audiosurf fans that you might want to get.

This Audiosurf update does just one thing: it restores Pointman hint arrows. That being said though, restarting Steam will automatically update your game with the nifty addition, so you don’t have to worry about implementing patches yourself.

In any case, keep checking QJ for more Audiosurf updates as they happen, alright?

Via Steam

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