Australia experiences Wii shortage

Wii logo - Image 1The Wii console shortage is not limited only to North America, now that other regions are experiencing the same problem as well. This time, Australia is now suffering the effects of not having enough Wii stocks in their stores, despite the fact that Nintendo is currently working on stepping up the production of their hottest-selling console to date. More details in the full article!

Wii - Image 1The Wii shortage phenomena seems to be spreading out to other international regions in almost the same manner as how the holiday cheer is spreading across the world. This time, Australia is experiencing dire Wii droughts.

A spokeswoman for Myer, one of Australia’s retail store chains, said that the Wiis were “selling like hotcakes”, and that Myer expects that their latest Wii shipment will be sold out instantly.

To cope with the high demand, Nintendo is currently stepping up the production of Wii consoles. But according to Heather Murphy, Nintendo Australia’s public relations coordinator, many people may not be able to get their hands on a Wii for the meantime. Maybe adapting GameStop‘s Wii reservation program will help?

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