Australia: Wii breaks sales record, new titles for Wii and DS announced

Nintendo logo - Image 1Nintendo fans in Australia will finally have some reasons to celebrate: both the Wii and the DS have reached impressive milestones in sales numbers, and fans will finally have a number of new titles to chew on in the upcoming months. The numbers and the list of upcoming games for Australia in the full article!

Nintendo DS - Image 1Good news for Nintendo fans in Australia: the Wii console finally managed to sell 500,000 in the land down under after 84 weeks since it was launched, breaking the existing record – the last console to have achieved 500,000 unit sales managed to reach it in 107 weeks.

On the handheld side of things, the DS managed to sell 49,000 units in one week (week starting July 6) alone, the highest individual week sales numbers achieved in Australia. The DS’s popularity is believed to be propelled by the Touch Generations titles, which includes the Brain Training games, Nintendogs, and other titles.

As a way of celebrating this impressive feat, Nintendo announced the new titles coming their way to Australian consumers.

Here’s the list of upcoming games that will be released in Australia:



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