Avaya’s new One-X software turns iPhones to business phones

Avaya - Image 1Have you always wanted to ask your company to give you an Apple iPhone but couldn’t think of a reason why they should? Thanks to Avaya’s One-X software, you can now have one good reason to tell your superiors why having an iPhone is better than using Ye Olde Landline Network. Details in the full article!

iPhone - Image 1Working people who want to add the iPhone to their corporate holiday wishlist can now have a reason to do so. Avaya, a leading business telecommunications company, just recently rolled out the Avaya One-X software that turns mobile phones from Apple, RIM, Sony Ericsson and others others into bonafide business tools that effortlessly connect employees to their offices.

The One-X Mobile client software enables vital office personnel to keep in touch with their businesses, and people working for the same office can be contacted via a single number both in and out of the office. One-X also includes all the standard office deskphone functions, such as conference calling, call transfer, and abbreviated dialling, among other features.

This smart move from Avaya may help alleviate doubts from several companies about conducting their businesses wirelessly over mobile networks, as opposed to just using the more tried and tested landline phone counterparts.

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