Ballion v1.6: Wiimote support added

Ballion v1.6: Wiimote support added - Image 1 Developer mitglied has recently released version 1.6 of the Ballion homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii console. This new release will feature support for the console’s Wiimote. Details on the button setup are available in the full article.

Download: Ballion v1.6

Ballion v1.6: Wiimote support added - Image 1 We’re letting the readers know that developer mitglied has released version 1.6 of the Ballion game for the Wii console. This homebrew, in case you weren’t around during its initial release, is based on the Crillion game originally meant for the Commodore 64 system.

The goal of this game is for you to you ton control a ball to destroy the blocks in every stage. It sounds easy, until we mention you can only control the ball’s left and right movement. Ballion’s version 1.6 will carry support for the Wiimote controller, as well as improved sound and graphics. Here’s a rundown of the controls when using the Wiimote:

  • To connect Wiimote hold down button 1 and 2 until you feel the vibration.
  • Up and down buttons – Menu control
  • Left and right buttons – Ball movement
  • Minus button – Menu selection
  • A button – Enter menu
  • Plus button – Restart ELF loader
  • Home button – Reboot Wii and show Wii menu

Keep in mind that you will need either the Wii Twilight Hack, or a proper ELF loader to run Ballion in your Wii console. Further details regarding this game are available this homebrew game can be found at mitglied’s site, via the source link below.

Download: Ballion v1.6

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