Battle of the Bands gameplay videos: Spoonman, Give it to me Baby

Duke it out in Battle of the Bands by THQ - Image 1Sure, we’ve heard of bands destroying guitars on stage, but who ever heard of bands literally destroying each other? Well, in Battle of the Bands, that’s exactly what happens. In fact, THQ has given us two video examples of this. Catch them in the full article after the jump.

Never before, it seems, have Soundgames’ Spoonman and Rick James’ Give it to me Baby served as the backdrop of an aural tussle between opposing bands – at least not like this.

In Battle of the Bands, THQ gives us a glimpse of how songs can be used to utterly decimate opponents. Interestingly, THQ’s two Battle of the Bands gameplay videos feature what appears to be the same opposing bands.

These include a gangster-themed ensemble squaring off against the Roman army’s troupe. While both groups put up a valiant fight, its the gangsters who always seem to run away with the points.

Another thing that’s worthy of note is the “face off” feature that occurs midway between each video. We’re not exactly sure what takes place, but it seems like a do-or-die period wherein both bands pull out all the stops.

For a better idea of what we’re talking about, check out the Spoonman and Give it to me Baby videos from THQ below:

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