Best Buy: consoles and video games aren’t toys

Best Buy: Xbox 360 is not a toy - Image 1Video games and consoles aren’t games. At least, Best Buy doesn’t think so. A customer recently tried to use a “toy” coupon to purchase an Xbox 360 and two games for the console, but according to Best Buy employees (and their corporate office), the items aren’t categorized under “toys.” Is there any clear cut distinction between toys and video games? What about the handhelds? Check out the story in the full article.

Best Buy: Video Games aren't toys - Image 1

Our current generation of consoles are powerful machines, but some clarification might be needed on whether or not they’ve surpassed their “toy-ish” roots. Are they toys or not? Well according to Best Buy, they’re not.

Dictionary definitions aside, this wouldn’t have been an issue if the point was clarified sooner. At least, before a customer tried to purchase a console and two video games with a coupon that entitled him to a discount on “toys.”

Rob recently tried to purchase an Xbox 360 in Best Buy with a coupon that entitled him on a discount on purchase of “toys.” Employees told him that the items did not qualify for the coupon as they aren’t toys.

Rob went home and checked Best Buy’s website, searching for the item “toy.” Halo 3 popped up as the first on the list, and a little down the list was the Xbox 360 platform. He called up Best Buy’s corporate office but he was met with the same response.

At the least, Master Chief may take it as a compliment that he isn’t just a toy. This doesn’t clarify whether the DS and PSP handhelds are also not categorized under toys though. According to Rob, this was the clarification he was given:

I was told a doll is a toy. Didn’t know Best Buy was in the doll selling business. Then I was told that if it is an electronic game for a child 12 and under it is a toy.

Perhaps some clarification is in order for the word “toy” or at least, the categories for video games and toys have to be more distinct. But pending future clarification, better save that Best Buy coupon for a doll instead.

Via Consumerist

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