Beta of Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 mod tools finally out

Unreal Tournament 3 Epic Games - Image 1The PS3 mod tools for Unreal Tournament 3 are finally released to a lucky few, but how about those who weren’t granted access? You may not have the tools in your hands, but at least you get some dibs on what to expect upon their full release. The details in the full article!

Unreal Tournament 3 Epic Games - Image 1Mark Rein of Epic Games already announced the release of Unreal Tournament 3‘s Engine Editor mod tools. The Beta version of the PS3 tools are now finally released, albeit to a selected lucky few. So what about those who weren’t blessed with PS3 Mod Tool access? Well, here are the details to make your suffering a bit bearable.

The following mods are supported: Maps, Mutators, Game Types, Custom Characters, and Total Conversions. To those who are wondering about the extent of Total Conversion mods, it basically permits a total content overhaul in the game. However, in the case of PS3’s Unreal Tournament 3, the actual main menu cannot be replaced, but can be used to load a TC main menu.

As for limitations, the Mutator and Game Type mods are restricted to the use of UnrealScript code to avoid using up all of the PS3’s memory. Also, importing sounds is not possible at this point, since Epic Games hasn’t released a tool that will let gamers convert .wav files to the proprietary ATRAC3 version used in UT3.

The limitations may disappoint some gamers, especially those who want to import their own tunes, but Epic will try to add fixes if possible in the future.

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