Bethesda, Splash Damage join forces for new project

Splash Damage logo - Image 1Two creative forces in the game making industry have just joined forces to create an exciting new game. Bethesda Softworks, that is currently developing Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), decided to go into a joint effort with Splash Damage to explore new areas and come up with something fresh. More details after the jump.

Bethesda Softworks - Image 1Two major game developers have announced a newly-forged partnership. Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage Studios made public a pact that’s been recently inked for the creation of a new game.

Both companies expressed praise for each other’s work in a press release that they have just put out. Details on what exactly the new game is remain shady, but the two entities say that it will incorporate each other’s specializations in the art of game making.

Bethesda has been around in the industry for quite a while now, throwing out such AAA games us The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the upcoming Fallout 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC). Splash Damage, on the other hand, has shined with multiplayer shooters like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC).

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