Biggest Disapointment of the Year

fail - Image 1You've seen every screenshot, watched every movie, pre-ordered and camped out to get a hold of the game on day one, frantically ripped off the wrapping, shoved it into your machine of choice and then... disappointmenton. Here's how we felt, what about you folks?

Gino D:

Biggest Disappointment: Nintendo

Runner's Up: Too Human, Spore.

Comments: Well, I could easily give away a game as the biggest flop this year (Too Human, I'm looking at you!), but generally speaking, Nintendo not releasing more first-party titles this year is the biggest disappointment of all. Don't get me wrong, Mario Kart Wii and Brawl are pretty much up there, but I was expecting Nintendo to roll out a bigger and more substantial library for the Wii and DS to compete with other first-party titles of the other major players.

Isaac C:

Biggest Disappointment: PlayStation Home

Runner's Up: Haze, Wii Music

Comments: Home isn't a game, but it's so disappointing that I'm putting it in here anyway. Boohoo for you, but it's true. I'm sure it has a bright future ahead of it, but its launch is purely dismal.

Karl B:

Biggest Disappointment: Fallout 3

Runner Up: Sadness

Comments: Fallout 3 - It's a good enough game if you judge it on its own merits, but I wanted a true Fallout 3 sequel dammit, not a glorified Oblivion mod. Sadness - STILL no gameplay footage. What the hell, Nibris?

Glenn M:

Biggest Disappointment: Chrono Trigger DS

Comments: Chrono Trigger DS is hardly any different from the PS1 remake... seeing the 3D look in the trailers got me thinking that it might have a few scenes in 3D, but no..why go hyping it up when all we're gonna get is the same game on a different platform? If it's to have Chrono Trigger on mobile, emulators would've done the job a long time ago - and for free..

Chris C:

Biggest Disappointment: Resistance 2

Runner Up: Age of Conan

Comments: Understand that Resistance 2 is by no means a bad game, not even an average game, it's just not what I was hoping for. The multiplayer and co-op aspects are brilliantly put together but the single player game just feels... bland, like an afterthought.  Explosions erupt all around you, chaos ensues, aliens, humans engaged in epic combat on a massive scale, it's mad and it looks gorgeous... but it never really comes alive.

As far as Age of Conan goes, it's actually a pretty damn good MMO now, but for months after launch it was a challenge just to play for any period of time without a crash to desktop. So much potential. Please Lord, let Star Trek Online be perfect.

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What say you guyses?

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