PSP - Image 1Want your puzzle gaming fix to be just a bit more twitchy and reflexes-oriented than just lining up blocks together? Then PSP homebrew developer deniska‘s latest project, BINIAX2PSP, should be right up your alley. Check out just how this particular puzzle game stands out from the rest in the full article, complete with video.

Download: BINIAX2PSP v1.0

If you’re looking for a puzzle gaming fix that moves beyond Tetris, then homebrew developer deniska‘s Sony PSP port of BINIAX2 should fit your memory stick like a glove. Featuring fast-paced action that requires you to think fast, act fast, and have that killer instinct for survival, this particularly-addictive game will have you hooked for weeks to come.

So, just how does one play BINIAX2? Simple, really. As the player, you move a single tile around a field of pairs of tiles. You can remove a pair from the game board if one of the tiles are the same as your own tile. When you do that, your tile changes into the other tile that was part of the pair you just removed – and you have to do this quickly, else the pairs will pile on top of you and take you to the Game Over screen.

As always, for all questions regarding installation and usage of this particular homebrew, the relevant information is in the readme file bundled in the downloadable archive. With, that, enjoy, and here’s a video of BINIAX2PSP in action.

Download: BINIAX2PSP v1.0

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