Bionic Commando devs hint at big news for the game

Bionic Commando - big piece of news coming - Image 1The people over at Capcom definitely know how to stir things up to the point that it piques interest. For their upcoming action game Bionic Commando, the devs have just announced that something big is coming this way regarding the game. Read more on this after the jump.

Bionic Commando to get some big news soon - Image 1You guys might want to know that the developers behind the upcoming title Bionic Commando (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) have started to stir things up a bit. Over at the game’s official website, they have made it known that something is coming this way.

Apparently, a big piece of news is going to be released sometime in the future. Capcom recently invited some members of the press for an event, though they were decidedly cryptic regarding the whole thing. What they did mention was that it was “the first step to announcing another big piece of news in the Bionic Commando world.”

In the meantime, producer Ben Judd said that there will be some exclusive videos which are going to be posted in the very near future when the “3 Days of the Commando” kicks off.

That’s just about it for now for this update. Expect us to provide you with the big news when it hits the internet. In the meantime, you may want to read up on the game, just in case.

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