Bionic Commando screens: meet the red soldier

Bionic Commando icon - Image 1Capcom just released three new screenshots of Bionic Commando’s (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PC) revival to next-gen consoles. If your arm is itching for some of this upcoming title, swing over to the full article!

Bionic Commando screens - Image 1 Bionic Commando screens - Image 2 Bionic Commando screens - Image 3 

We know little about Capcom‘s revival of a classic, Bionic Commando (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, PC), but all signs lead us to believe it’s something worth watching out for. Of course, we simply had to grab these new screenshots Capcom unleashed.

There’s this guy in red with a big gun in all three screens, which doesn’t really say much, though we do get to see the game’s impressive war-torn backdrop. We reckon there’ll be a lot of shooting involving this guy, especially for those who prefer the breaking the front door open than swinging around.

The next-gen remake of Bionic Commando‘s original NES incarnation is yet to see a release window, and details are still scarce, but we’re sure to keep you updated so watch this space! For now, check out the screens above.

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