BioWare CEO on Mass Effect: more content in the future, cross-platform possibilities

Mass Effect - Image 1The BioWare CEO, Ray Muzyaka, was recently interviewed regarding the Mass Effect (PC, Xbox 360). To find out what he he had to say about the game as well as the possibility (or the lack thereof, as you’ll find out) of the game hitting other platforms, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link.

Mass Effect PC - Image 1BioWare CEO Ray Muzyaka was recently interviewed regarding the PC version of Mass Effect (the game is also available on the Xbox 360).

While he didn’t speak about the authentication scheme issue in Mass Effect that upset quite a number of gamers, he did explain why the game was first released on the Xbox 360 as well as what content gamers can expect in terms of content in the game.

Muzyaka explained why the game was released on the Xbox 360 first. He pointed out that the Mass Effect was originally designed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive from the get go. Late into the game’s development, a decision was made to bring it to PCs as well.

Speaking of the PC version, you may recall that the game will be getting its first downloadable content, Bring Down the Sky, for free. Muzyaka said that we should expect to see more post-release content in the future:

Oh yeah, we have big plans for post-release content with the franchise for both Xbox 360 and PC. We haven’t released any details on that yet but it’s something we want to actively support.

In addition, he also shared a few thoughts on the possibility of a Mass Effect game on the PlayStation 3. While he didn’t specifically say that the game (or its sequel) may be going cross-platform, he didn’t deny it either:

We’re not commenting on any platform extensions… we’re not really talking about future titles. But, you know, Mass Effect is Xbox 360-exclusive, Microsoft is a great partner, we’re bringing Mass Effect now to PC and we’re going to make sure it’s a great experience for our PC fans.

In the future on other products, we’re a division of Electronic Arts now, and we’re working on all the different platforms across the board, pretty much.

So there you have it, more information about EA and BioWare’s Mass Effect. Gamers who are interested in what Muzyaka thinks about the current state of the gaming platforms in the market may want to check out the interview in full. Just follow our source link to get there.


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