BioWare says new Mass Effect novel, game in the works

Mass Effect box art - Image 1It’s not surprising for good games like BioWare‘s Mass Effect to spawn sequels, but how often have you heard of a good game and a good game’s novelization both spawning sequels at the same time. Yup, we thought so. BioWare had an interesting way of getting the message across, too. You can read the official statement after the jump.

Bringing out the big guns in Mass Effect - Image 1 

If you’re the kind of gamer who likes to follow the story of Mass Effect on print, then this bit of news is for you: BioWare, Del-Rey and Mass Effect: Revelation author Drew Karpyshyn have officially announced that there will be a sequel to the original novel entitled Mass Effect: Ascension.

In what may be construed as a slip or a hint, BioWare also announced that there would be a second Mass Effect game in a statement about the setting of Mass Effect: Revelation:

Del-Rey Books and author Drew Karpyshyn have announced the title of the second volume in the Mass Effect series of novels: Mass Effect: Ascension. Set between the first and second game, the novel will arrive in Summer 2008.

BioWare’s statement effectively gives Mass Effect fans two reasons to rejoice. Oddly enough, the question at the back of our minds is: “Will BioWare’s Mass Effect sequel have controversial content?” No word on this yet, so stay tuned for more updates as we get them.

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