BLARGH Text Editor Revision: 103

Nintendo DS - Image 1A handheld touchscreen device like the Nintendo DS is optimized for jotting down notes, and what could be better than using a text editor with a QUONG keyboard? Check out anomalous_underdog‘s BLARGH Text Editor (don’t worry, its not as frustrating to use as the name suggests), and find yourself using it more often. More details in the full article.

Download: BLARGH Text Editor Revision 103

BLARGH Text Editor - Image 1If you fancy using a text editing program for the Nintendo DS and be quite adventurous about it, you may want to try out the BLARGH Text Editor created by homebrew developer anomalous_underdog.

Instead of using the QWERTY keyboard we all know and love, this text editor utilizes the QUONG layout created by John Strout, with hex-shaped keys.

The keyboard may look difficult to use at first glance (blargh!), but let yourself get accustomed to it for some time and it’ll eventually become second nature, the QUONG keyboard being optimized for virtual keyboard input.

You may want to know about this text editor’s limitations, however, which are outlined below:

  • it’s only a demo, you won’t be able to save/load the typed text (although I will use this program to make an actual text editor)
  • the text cursor doesn’t blink yet
  • the upper screen is currently used for debug. in the future, that area will be used as non-monospaced text display too
  • cut, copy, paste of text not yet implemented
  • no unicode support yet
  • the other buttons in the gui do not do anything yet; they are conceptual
  • no word-wrap yet

In the latest revision of this text editor, homebrew developer anomalous_underdog added placeholder codes for the following text editing functions: cut, copy, paste, home, end, undo, redo, and search.

Since the documentation accompanying the download file doesn’t include installation instructions, better make sure that you know what you’re doing before trying to installing it to your DS. For all the other necessary information, however, it is recommended that you go over the readme file first.

Download: BLARGH Text Editor Revision 103

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