Blizzard claims another next-gen MMO, planning new features, hints StarCraft 2 Beta

Blizzard Entertainment - Image 1Well, that pretty much rules out any possibility that Diablo 3 will be an MMO. Okay, so maybe there wasn’t need for doubt. Since Diablo 3‘s announcement is out, we probably have just one more rumor to confirm: the Team 3 project. Blizzard never hinted on the upcoming RPG’s relations to the mysterious 50-man team still laboring away inside the company walls. Maybe Team 3 is responsible for developing Diablo 3 for the past four years, or maybe – just maybe – they’re actually part of this secretive next-gen MMO project. Learn more of your favorite Blizzard game at the full story.

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Blizzard apparently has yet another project in the works, and so their game portfolio is not just limited to the big three we know today. Senior vice president Rob Pardo of Blizzard claimed in a recent interview with German news site OnlineWelten that there was another “unknown” game cooking in their kitchen.

Before the interview, we all heard that Blizzard was looking for new blood to help them on a mystery next-generation MMO project. This project is the same unannounced game that Pardo said existed. No other details on the project were divulged, nor were any hints aggressively milked.

On that note, however, the senior VP did clue in to Blizzard’s plans to revamp Blizzard’s premier online multiplayer service,, which will result in the inclusions of new features. Though asked about future costs in utilizing the service, Pardo did not care to comment if the new features would incur additional costs on the players’ part.

Now here’s the kicker: Blizzard hopes to unveil their ideas for expanding’s feature list by the time they implement StarCraft II Beta. This officially confirms the rumors that a Beta will be conducted to test the real-time strategy engine, units and tactics within real-life multiplayer matches, even though the “when” portion is still up in the air.

For World of Warcraft gamers, don’t you worry – Wrath of the Lich King‘s progress will not be hampered by the inclusion of Diablo 3 to Blizzard’s workload – or at least they hope so. As with any of their games, WotLK will ship “when it’s ready,” and not before it passes the developer’s high standards of quality.

We hope to get our mitts on more updates, so stay tuned while we dig up details. Find the full video interview by OnlineWelten directly at the source link given below.

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