Blizzard reveals more info regarding BlizzCast service

Podcasting - Image 1With podcasting being the “in” thing, these days, it’s no real surprise that Blizzard Entertainment has come up with an official monthly podcasting service. Dubbed BlizzCast, the service is aimed at bringing the Blizzard developers and the Blizzard fansite community closer. While you probably already know about the interviews and the giveaways, there’s something else in store for inquisitive Blizzard fans.

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The Blizzard Entertainment logo - Image 1In an effort to further reach out to fans and fan communities, Blizzard Entertainment will be launching the BlizzCast podcasting service during the first week of January next year. As was reported last time, the first episode of BlizzCast will feature interviews with Sam Didier, StarCraft 2 Art Director, and Jeff Kaplan, World of Warcraft Lead Designer, plus promotional giveaways.

The first BlizzCast episode won’t be a one way-street, however: Fans of Blizzard games may also submit their questions courtesy of fansites, which will in turn forward the questions to Blizzard Community Managers Karune and Nethaera.

Furthermore, Blizzard will localize each Blizzcast transcript to several supported languages so that non-English speaking fans may also participate. And since Blizzcast is an experimental in-house project, Blizzard will be monitoring each Blizzcast episode and will be adjusting the content of each succeeding episode accordingly, depending on the audience’s reception.

If more interaction with Blizzard sounds like a good idea to you, be sure to check out the Blizzcast service debut in January and make yourself heard.

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