Blizzard says no to LAN in Starcraft II

starcraft2-marineBlizzard has rent players’ hopes asunder with this announcement: There will be no LAN support in Starcraft II.



Yes folks, as far as Blizzard’s concerned, you won’t need LAN for Starcraft II. A resounding “No chance” is the (final) ruling and you can probably guess the reason stated for this:

According to a report by CVG, Blizzard’s upcoming strategy RTS, Starcraft II won’t let players connect to a smaller network via LAN. Sigaty states:

“No. We’ve made the choice at this point that we’re not including LAN. The biggest part of this is when you look back, we changed the feel of Starcraft 2 around getting away from being this place you go up to do the hardcore gaming. You’re always connected and you’re always on”

Via [CVG]

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