Blue Dragon Plus dated for Japanese release

Blue Dragon Plus release date for Japan detailed - Image 1Heads up, fans of the Blue Dragon series. We’ve recently found a press release indicating the Japanese release date for Blue Dragon Plus. Find out when the game will come out (and for how much) after the jump!

Blue Dragon Plus dated for Japan release - Image 1 

Blue Dragon
fans have much to be happy about. Recently, we announced that Blue Dragon Plus would be making an appearance in America. Now, we’ve just found information that points to the game’s Japanese release date.

According to a Japanese press release from AQ Interactive, which was supported by an official announcement on Blue Dragon Plusofficial website, the game will be coming out in Japan on September 4. The game itself will retail for 5,229 yen (US$ 50).

Seeing as the game’s suppose to hit North America before the end of the fiscal year, that gives AQ Interactive, Feel Plus, and Mistwalker around six to seven months to add some extra goodies for American gamers, should they choose to do so. Here’s to hoping the English version of the game kicks some major shadow butt!

If you wish to see a copy of the screenshot above, feel free to visit the Blue Dragon Plus website linked below, and click on the latest announcement in the “What’s New?” portion on the right side of the screen.

Via Blue Dragon Plus Official Website

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