Bob in: The Ice Age 2

Bob in: The Ice Age by Mr Dynamic - Image 1If you enjoyed Mr Dynamic‘s release of Bob in: the Ice Age, then you’re in for a treat today. He just tipped us in saying that the second version of the said brew game is done and out now for your enjoyment. To check out what’s in store for you in this new offering, just head on over to the full article.

Download: Bob in: The Ice Age 2

Bob in: the Ice Age 2 - Image 1 Bob in: the Ice Age 2 - Image 2 

Thanks to Mr Dynamic‘s tip, we learned that his homebrew game Bob in: the Ice Age now has its second version out. This time, the whole game’s finished so there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to enjoy it all the way through.

A brief backgrounder for those who have not encountered this brew title yet, though. A bobbing smiley named Bob is your character and you are out on an adventure that pretty much involves a size-enlarger egg, golden coins, blocks, fire flowers, and super stars. Yes, it does look like a Super Mario inspired game. A little touch of a classic never fails after all.

Given that, the features for Bob in: The Ice Age 2 include the following:

  • Works for PSP Slim with 3.xx kernel
  • More Gore Added
  • Taken Level Editor Out
  • Controls have changed (when playing a new game it tells you what they are)

Anyway, we’re sure you can’t wait to get going so just go ahead and download the game via the link below. Have fun!

Download: Bob in: The Ice Age 2

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