Bogart patch for Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 version recalled

Burnout Paradise - Image 1If you’re a Burnout Paradise (Xbox 360, PS3) player and you’ve got the Xbox 360 version under the hood, then you may have noticed some framerate issues after the Bogart patch came along. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Criterion Games is on the case, and it has given us an ETA on the fix, so that we’ll all be able to get back into getting those sweet takedowns. All the info you need is in the full article.

Burnout Paradise - Image 1

Bit of bad news for those of us who own the Xbox 360 version of Criterion Games‘ very excellent and very awesome Burnout Paradise (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) – it seems that the highly-anticipated Bogart software patch, only recently released, is already causing some very detrimental effects to gameplay, specifically to its framerate. And we all know that framerate is very important in a twitch-based game like Burnout, where a split-second could either mean victory or a wreck.

So, what is Criterion going to do about it? Their news post about the entire matter, verbatim:

We aim to recall the affected update from all 360s by this Friday. We’ll replace this with a revised update containing a fix for the frame rate issue.

This should be with you in around a week’s time – by 2nd May. We’ll confirm solid dates as soon as we have them. Apologies for the inconvenience…we’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Well, a week certainly isn’t too long a time, so we’ll have to give it to Criterion Games for the prompt response. But we have to wonder how a glitch like this could have passed quality control – as we all know, prevention is certainly better than cure, and this one certainly needs a pound of the latter. In any case, updates as we get them.

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