Boom Blox senior producer: head tracking easter egg removed

Boom Blox  - Image 1Head tracking is one of the biggest selling points of Electronic ArtsBoom Blox .Unfortunately, it looks like the final version of the game will not be sporting this feature. To find out more, head on over to the full article for more information.

Boom Blox - Image 1Electronic ArtsBoom Blox really caught the attention of the public when the developers announced that they were planning to add head tracking as an Easter egg to the game.

Unfortunately, the game’s senior producer Amir Rahimi recently announced that the final game will not contain this feature.

Electronic Arts has yet to comment on why this Easter egg was cut from the final version of the game. This is a pretty big letdown considering how cool head tracking looked in the videos from the 2008 GDC.

Will the game stand on its own without head tracking? We’ll find out when it gets released in North America on May 6 and Europe on May 9.

Via Joystiq

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