Brakken: copying other people’s work for profit reportedly stealing content for monetary gain - Image 1Brakken’s got an interesting article up on his blog that talks about According to his post, is apparently stealing content from another website for monetary gain.

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Brakken has pictures of the alleged copying done by - Image 1 Brakken has pictures of the alleged copying done by - Image 2 

Brakken’s got an interesting tale for you today over at his website. According to his recent post, it seems that has been copying the work of other people for profit. In the case of, it  seems that the website is picking up donations from people for the development of Linux on Wii machines, though little to no actual work has been done by the members of to earn the donations.

Strong words, right? Well, here’s an excerpt from Brakken’s post explaining the whole issue: has been copying articles from a rather new Wiki created by and maintained by the actual people behind the recent Nintendo Wii exploits. has become very popular amongst the Nintendo Wii development community and is updated frequently with new information pertaining to various aspects of the internal workings of NintendoÂ’s next generation system. has been using to propagate its siteÂ’s Wiki and doing so in an unethical and illegal manner. Wiili.orgÂ’s administrator who goes by the name Tuxido is guilty of copying original material from without explicit permissions. Most of the content he copies has been copied verbatim or barely altered at all. Note that this copied information is not credited to its original source (

This isn’t the first time that has been in the spotlight for alleged misconduct. In late 2006, we also wrote about members of allegedly stealing donations from the site.

Brakken also has pictures that attempt to show proof of’s indiscretions in his full post. If you’re interested in learning more about the issue, we suggest you take a look at the pictures and captions he’s used to explain the issue and draw your own conclusions on the matter.

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