Braum, the newest champion of 2XKO, and primary information about the PS5 playtest starting August 8th, 2018.

Hey all! I’m Shaun” Unconkable” Rivera, activity director on 2XKO. 2XKO is our fresh free-to-play, team-based fighting sport featuring leaders from League of Legends, releasing in 2025. Combat solo or with a colleague in extreme 2v2 battles, and learn effective abilities, assists, and combos to outscore enemies. Our group, which is led by Evo owners Tom and Tony Cannon at Riot Games, the studio that produced League of Legends and Valorant, is made up of developers who have a wealth of experience with the world of fighting games, including former professional gamers, creators, and event organizers. 2XKO is now in growth. We’ve really revealed a new hero and announced Alpha Lab, the show’s second at-home playtest. Register for a chance to perform starting August 8th. Meet Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

Braum, a favorite hero with powerful biceps and a bigger center, is 2XKO’s most recent playable character. He joins the recently announced squad of re-imagined League of Legends warriors, which includes Ahri, Yasuo, Ekko, Darius, and Illaoi. The group was eager to create a hero who may work well as a help character because 2v2 fight and playing with your friends are at the heart of the 2XKO gameplay. Braum’s safe capabilities make any trio partner glow.
Stand in my place
Braum with his shield in earlier strategy art
The huge shield that was once the impenetrable door to an ancient treasure vault serves as Braum’s focal point. With it, he protects friends from incoming injury. In order to make room for his team to get devastating packages, Bausch excels at dissipating and halting competitors ‘ attacks.
Defense is key to Braum’s play style, but he still has strong unpleasant options. When he lands an ability, which coats Braum’s helmet in snow and causes more damage with his particular moves, he gains a special buff called Unbreakable. Additionally, his system introduces 2XKO to a novel thaw mechanic. Braum can increase his shield and prevent his foes from getting warm by activating the secret of his protect.
Fluffs of indignation
First concept art of Braum’s favorite poros
Braum’s hot and infectious personality has fostered his connection with poros—magical animals who hail from the frozen Freljord, Braum’s home territory.
Braum’s much friends are always ready to help him wherever they can, whether it’s by flying through the air to avoid enemies or by joining forces to form a large ball of clutter that causes a lot of harm.
Sign up for 2XKO Alpha Lab.
For a deeper tumble into Braum’s equipment and more details on his game, be sure to check out his Champion Introduction dropping monday, July 10 on the 2XKO YouTube network. To test Braum and 2XKO on PlayStation 5, record for a chance to be part of Alpha Lab—our second at-home playtest—starting August 8 in limited areas. Those chosen to participate will receive an invitation script for a companion. Visit the Alpha Lab site to register and find out more. Evo 2024 will even allow you to play 2XKO. Following the most recent updates and life event protection on our social media channels. Thanks for reading. What do you think of 2XKO, we’re eager to hear from you. 

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