Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway shipment stolen, recovered, stolen again

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - Image 1This is a true-to-life “Grand Theft Auto”. A truck containing thousands of PS3 games was stolen in Northampton, recovered by the cops, only to be stolen again right from the police compound.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - Image 1In what is now being called as a real-life “Grand Theft Auto”, thousands of copies of Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway were stolen from a lorry (truck) in Northampton while the driver rested. The police later on found the loot in Leeds, although, in a funny twist of fate, it was stolen yet again even before fingerprint or DNA checks can be made — and right from the police compound.

Later on, the truck was once again found, but the 600,000 pound (US$ 1 million) worth of shipment of PS3 games were gone. Said a police spokesman,

We are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, including eBay transactions where a number of the games have been potentially identified as being advertised for sale. Arrest have already been made in respect of this.

It is reported that 16,000 copies of the war action title were stolen. Ubisoft, in response to this incident, sent out a statement reassuring fans, saying, “Fans needn’t worry as more stock is being parachuted in.” Looks like the game did take, quite literally, hell’s highway.

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