Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack also brings Day and Night gameplays

Burnout Paradise - Image 1It's not just about the Bikes Pack, it's also gonna be when you roam the streets of Paradise City on Criterion Games' Burnout Paradise <(PS3, Xbox 360). There's a whole new nightlife about to be unleashed, and you're sure to want to get a piece of it.

Burnout Paradise night - Image 1"A big moment in Burnout history is just around the corner."

And we can't wait to round that corner, for sure. Criterion Games producer Jeremy Chubb has posted an update on the Bikes Pack of Burnout Paradise(PS3, Xbox 360), the next free content that's coming your way. But if you thought bikes are all there is to this new content, you're flat out wrong.

Apart from them roaring bikes, they'll also be introducing the Night gameplay to Paradise City, and you can bet it ain't no easy stroll in the park - or ride in a bike. Chubb says that when you select one of the bikes, it triggers the unlocking of truckloads of new gameplay: 70 new challenges, 38 new against-the-clock races (Burning Rides) and new "Road Rules record times for 64 streets.

That's not all (yes, there's more)! When the sun sets at 8PM, the game becomes a whole new kind of fun. Get ready and strap on tight your helmets cos the Midnight Rides are set to carouse through the empty streets. And the night continues on from 8PM to 8AM. Sweet time-warp, huh?

For online players, the game will automatically be set to the host time, fast forwarding through day and night. Really, this is looking to be such a sweet ride. Coming soon, guys. So just hang in there tight.

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