Burnout Paradise: revised Bogart Update now live

Burnout Paradise - Image 1Remember the deal about the Bogart update for the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Paradise (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360) having a bit of a problem? Well, now you don’t have to put up with said issues, with Criterion Games having just released a revised version of that very same update. No more glitches for us! Check out the news announcement in the full article.

Burnout Paradise - Image 1 

Xbox 360 owners, rejoice! if you were disappointed due to the fact that the Bogart update for Criterion GamesBurnout Paradise (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360) had some issues saddled with it, then dry your tears as the team has finally come through for you.

Yes, that’s right – the fixed version of the update is now live and ready for distribution. We find this out through an announcement direct from the developer’s own website. Here’s the announcement itself, verbatim:

The revised Bogart software update for Burnout Paradise is now live! This will auto-download for online connected players as they start the game. Big thanks to Microsoft for going flat out to bring this fix to 360 players.

Well, that’s certainly good news, as far as keeping the players happy. Here’s hoping that the future updates arrive bug-free, so the development team can spend more time thinking of new ways to transform this already awesome game. Updates as we get them, so keep it locked right here.

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