Busted: Nintendo comments on rumored Wii price drop for Europe

Nintendo: Wii price cut for Europe With supplies of the Wii still very much in the red, could Nintendo be prepping a price drop to alleviate a bit of their fans’ woes over in Europe? That’s the topic of a recent rumor that ‘s circulation, followed in tow by an official reply from the company. More details on this matter are in the full article.

Nintendo: Wii price cut for Europe If you’ve been following the rumor mill lately, you’ve probably run into one bit of speculation hinting at a possible price drop for the Wii console in Europe.

The rumor, as initially reported by Jeux-France, states that Nintendo would drop the basic Wii bundle price down to just € 149 (US$ 234) by  May.

The bundle, which includes a copy of Wii Sports, currently sells for € 249 (US$ 391). A Mario Kart Wii bundle would in turn be introduced for just Â€ 199 (US$ 313). So, is Nintendo indeed going to start slashing prices by next month? According to a company spokesman, this may not be the case; Nintendo commented that the rumored price cuts are exactly just that: “rumour and speculation.”

At the moment, Nintendo appears to be preoccupied with addressing the console’s chronic supply shortages. To quote Nintendo of America‘s Fils-Aime’s, every buyer who walks home sans a Wii “is literally a missed opportunity.” for the company. Drop by again in case we receive any more updates relating to this topic

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