Cabal Online: Episode 2 – The War Begins coming this January

Release of Cabal Online: Episode 2 - The War Begins - Image 1 The adventure continues for the European version of EST Corp‘s Cabal Online with the introduction of the latest expansion, Episode 2 – The War Begins. Further developments of the game will let players experience battles with a new war system, max out the levels of their characters to level 170, explore the realm of Pontus Ferrum, and take on brand new quests.

Details on the latest expansion after the jump!

Release of Cabal Online: Episode 2 - The War Begins - Image 1Things are definitely heating up in the European version of Cabal Online with the release of the second major expansion which is available for download this January. With the developments that EST Corp has been employing, players can now experience a new war system, increased level cap, a new region, new skills, and new quests.

This expansion centers on the discovery of Tierra Gloriosa, a land that is vital for the struggle of dominance for Nevareth. Players from the opposing factions, Capella and Proycon, must battle it out using a new war system. Great prizes will be rewarded to those who win.

Along with the new additions, the level cap has been increased to level 170 to make things even more interesting for the players. With the introduction of a new region, Pontus Ferrum, and brand new quests, reaching the maximum level looks like it will pose no trouble at all.

Now, enjoy what Cabal online has to offer. For the meantime, we’ll be keeping you posted for more updates as they come.

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