Cabal Online’s Item of the Week: Chaos Box – Core

Cabal Online's item of the week: Chaos Box - Core - Image 1Heads up, Cabal Online players! The Item of Week has been announced. Standing on the spotlight as of the moment is the Chaos Box – Core. It’s one pretty nifty thingamajig that you guys can use to your advantage. Find out the details on this item in the full article.

Cabal Online's item of the week: Chaos Box - Core - Image 1

What did I tell you guys? The item of the week for EST Corp‘s Cabal Online is really something, don’t you think? What’s great about the item is there’s a possibility that you might a high or highest-level version of the Upgrade Core, Force Core, or Core Enhancer.

Since it’s currently listed as the Item of the Week, you guys can get it with at a discounted price. That’s right: the item is currently 25% less than its original price. It’s only applicable until a new item has replaced the Chaos Box – Core though.

If you think about it, it’s really a win-win situation here. Once you get one Core, no matter what it is, you get to upgrade the quality of your equipment, such as your weapon or armor, and even increase the strength and power of your characters in the game.

Itching to grab the item? We won’t stand in your way then. You can visit the link below. We’ll keep you guys posted on more news on the MMORPG.

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