Capcom cuts Clover team from Okami Wii credits

Okami - Image 1Getting recognized for your hard work is always a good thing, but what about when you don’t get any recognition whatsoever? This seems to have happened to a very respected part of videogames history, namely the long-defunct Clover Studios. Check out in the full article just how this legendary game development house got cut from the credits sequence of their very own game, Okami.

Okami - Image 1 

If you’ve already reached the ending of Ready at Dawn‘s Wii port of Clover Studios’ Okami, then you might have noticed something different about the credits: the original staff who worked on the first incarnation of the game has been completely removed from it.

And what do they feel about being cut from the credits? Not very good. In fact, they’re pretty miffed, with former Okami director and now Platinum Games founder Hideki Kamiya posting about this matter in his studio’s official website.

So, what did Hideki Kamiya post? Here’s his reaction, taken as is (translated of course):

I really don’t know what under pretext the credits were cut… What do you all think? I feel dejected, and not only because my own name has been erased from my creation. Of course we have pride in our work and we want to scream “We made this!” from the top of our lungs. But more than that, the fact that they cut the entire staff is utterly deplorable.

Capcom did explain, however, that the reason that the credits sequence was cut out was that it was a pre-rendered movie that contained the Clover Studios logo, and that they couldn’t use it. But wouldn’t it have been easier to make an entirely new credits sequence without the logo? Surely squeezing in a bunch of text scrolling upwards isn’t so hard. In any case, updates as we get them.

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