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Street Fighter IV - Image 1It’s hitting the consoles, and we already know when. So while the anticipation mounts, we get more Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360) info from Capcom Europe PR Manager, Leo Tan. This Street Fighter is set to please fans, appeal to Street Fighter newbies, and most importantly: they’re going easy on the parrying this time.

Street Fighter IV - Image 1

Siliconera gets a few words from Capcom Europe PR Manager, Leo Tan, and talked about the latest title in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360).

Taking off from Street Fighter III, the 4th Street Fighter wants to reach out to the fan base once again, giving it enough features to make an improved sequel, at the same time sticking to the Street Fighter feel of the game. Tan stresses this importance.

At first, because they havenÂ’t experienced any of the new things in the game, they played it in the same way they played Street Fighter II and even had some complaints about how itÂ’s more of the same. ThatÂ’s important to me, though, because we always wanted it to feel familiar, especially for those who havenÂ’t touched Street Fighter for a decade.

The important thing about Street Fighter IV is, if you haven’t learned anything about fighting games and how they’ve changed since Street Fighter II, you can still play Street Fighter IV with your friends and have those same bouts, albeit in the most gorgeous fashion Street Fighter has ever known. If you’re still a a hardcore player, though, there’s also plenty to learn.

Seeing as it appears on consoles as well as the arcades, Tan notes that they aim to keep the balance across consoles and the arcade, but consoles would understandably have more content. Fortunately, this won’t affect the gameplay balance. And great news: they went easy on the parrying this time, so you won’t get owned by a good parry user as easily this time.

As far as DLCs go, Tan says, “Personally, I think itÂ’s hard to judge the value of DLC until youÂ’ve seen whatÂ’s in the box, so even if I could announce our DLC strategy right now, I donÂ’t think it would be particularly significant.” But the important thing here is that they’re working on the release so that it’ll be a great one even without DLC.

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