Capcom: third party platform exclusives still alive and feasible

Capcom logo - Image 1 Is the concept of third party exclusives dead? Nique Fakirs said, “I donÂ’t believe itÂ’s dead.” Read on to see what factors affect a title’s exclusivity or not and check out Capcom‘s VP of Marketing has to say.

Capcom's Vice President of Marketing, Nique Fajors - Image 1Is console exclusivity dead? Far from it, says Capcom‘s vice president of marketing, Nique Fajors. In a phone interview with Next Generation, Fajors said that exclusive titles are not dead, and that factors like “economics, consumer interest and unique playability” play a role on whether an exclusive title would be successful or not.

Some think that developing for a single console is not such a hot idea these days as there is no clear winner in this generation’s console war and consumers are not as loyal as they used to be. But Fajors says, “Exclusives are driven by gameplay functionality and cost. If you get your gameplay functionality and costs right, exclusivity can work.”

Capcom has a couple of ex-exclusive titles (Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4) but Fajors explained that Capcom has “so many viable options for development, and consumers have so many choices.” The giant developer still has quite a list of platform exclusives though, like Phoenix Wright and Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure.

Can we expect more platform exclusives? What do you think about titles going multiplatform?

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