Capcom’s Svensson talks Okami: progress, marketing, hands-on previews coming

Okami Clover Studios Ready at Dawn - Image 1Fans of Clover Studio‘s Okami will now finally have something to chew on. Christian Svensson of Capcom finally released some much-needed information about the Ninendo Wii port of the game, such as its progress, when we can expect some hands-on preview, and the like. Do hit the full article to check them out.

Okami Clover Studios - Image 1So what happened to the Nintendo Wii port of Clover Studios’ Okami? We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, now that Christian Svensson, Capcom‘s Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, released some important tidbits about Ready at Dawn‘s port of the great PS2 title.

One of the more significant developments that Svensson mentioned is that we may very well see hands-on previews of Okami Wii very soon, as well as new info about the game. So how about the question “Is the Wii port better than the PS2 original?” We’ll see for ourselves soon enough, according to Svensson, who added that Okami will indeed be more beautiful than it was on the PS2.

However, even if Okami for the Nintendo Wii will be an improvement over the original, Capcom will not air TV spots for the game, nor will they release a special edition. They will still dedicate some effort to market the game, though. But of course, if you loved the PS2 original and want Okami to do well in the Wii market, then you better heed Svensson’s plea to help “spread the Okami gospel across the net, my sons and daughters.”

More updates to come!

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