CCP forms Council of Stellar Management for EVE Online

CCP forms Council of Stellar Management for EVE Online - Image 1Developer abuse of power – a long standing issue in EVE Online ever since the infamous Jumpgate scandal. CCP Games took a huge critical hit on both its moral values and its public upstanding when it was revealed that one of the largest MMO scams in history was aided by none other than employees from inside CCP Games. But now it could be out to halt a repeat of history and as it creates the Council of Stellar Management. More at the full story.

CCP forms Council of Stellar Management for EVE Online - Image 1 

CCP Games has just announced via press wire that there will be a formation of the Council of Stellar Management, and it is to be run by the most trusted players that EVE Online has to offer. These voted representatives will embody the voice of the player base in issues that will involve the developers and the many citizens of EVE space.

Anyone who may have heard of EVE Online may have images of vast space-faring warships coming to mind, but to the veterans who braved the sci-fi MMO, it’s more than just massive fleet battles across multiple systems. EVE Online is known for having the most finely weaved political and economic mechanics in any MMORPG to date.

Thus, there are certain risks when complicated systems are in place. They could harm both a veteran and new player to the EVE ‘verse – whether they were targeted originally or not. The previous Jumpgate scandal was a shining example, which happened after the notable Guiding Hand Social Club heist sent tremors around the known space.

Of course, solving political problems with more politics hasn’t always been the glaring solution in real-life scenarios, and thus the formation of the Council is just a start to newer – and hopefully better – things for the average EVE Online player. More developments on this as we happen upon them.

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