CES 2008: Best of CES awardees announced

CES 2008: Best of CES awardees announced - Image 1CNET has recently announced the winners of this year's Best of CES awards at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Gamers will be happy to know that Nyko's Wireless Nunchuk attachment for the Wii was counted as the winner for the gaming category. More details up ahead in the full article.

CES 2008: Best of CES awardees announces - Image 1Tested, graded, and celebrated. We're letting you guys know that CNET has just updated with this year's batch of award winners for the "Best In Show", "People's Voice", and "Best of CES categories". 

On the gamer side of this news, Wii owners will be happy to know that the Wireless Nunchuck controller by Nyko was the winner for the Best of Gaming Category. Nyko's accessory ditches the customary cable for wireless dongle that jacks into the Wiimote's accessory jack. The Nunchuck end of this set is powered by two AAA batteries, which should power it for 30 hours worth of play.

We've also posted a short list of the gadgets that made it into CES' winner's circle. Those interested in viewing the full coverage for each product can visit the official CES site via the source link.
  • Best in Show:
    • Philip's Eco TV
  • People's Voice:
    • Moto Rokr E8
  • Best of CES winners per category:
    • Car Tech and GPS:
      • Atlas CPC-1200
      • Calypso CPC-1100
    • Cell Phones and smartphones:
      • Rokr E1
    • Computers and hardware:
      • IdeaPad Y710
      • IdeaPad Y510
      • IdeaPad U110
    • Digital Photo and Video:
      • Alpha DSLR-A200K
    • Emerging technologies:
      • The Bug Labs platform
    • Gaming:
      • Nyko Wireless Nunchuck
    • Home audio:
      • Squeezebox Duet
    • Home video:
      • EchoStar TR-50
    • MP3 and portable video players:
      • iRiver W7 MP3 Player
    • Televisions:
      • Philip's Eco TV

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